At Healthier Choice we are young, passionate and enthusiastic about our subject.
Optimists with ambitions. Since 2013 Healthier Choice is responding to the needs of the modern consumer, with innovative products that meet all types of nutritional needs.
Our comparative advantage is our immediate perception of consumer trends and needs. It is a fact! Humanity is moving fast in the era of "Snackification".
The modern life-style and the many hours outside the home lead many people to replace many of their daily snack meals. Under the Fitspo, bezzo & MOOVeat brands we produce across Europe on certified production lines and have more than 80 SKUs in Greece, Cyprus and 8 other countries.
We are constantly expanding our product portfolio with healthy eating options and 'smart' practical packages, which anyone can have at any time, replacing a basic meal. Our commitment is to operate responsibly and deliver innovative high quality consumer products without compromising taste!


Our people are the heart of Healthier Choice and the power that leads us to success. With team spirit and determination they create value and develop our company in a responsible and sustainable way.
Our team works together and wins together!
Our people come into contact with our customers, as much with the wider public every day and bring smile to the faces of the people who enjoy our products.



Our brands are located in 1000+ locations in the Prefecture of Attica and in over 3000 locations in the rest of Greece
and Cyprus.
Consumers find our products in the traditional market (mini markets), in super market chains, in take away face chains,
in gyms, in organic stores, in the pharmacy and in integrated care areas, in e-shops, while we supply direct units and
services of security forces (army, navy and police).
In 2019 our products were selected from S / M chains and gas stations abroad.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a key parameter of both our business and how we manage our company.
At Healthier Choice we realize that crisis is not a general, vague concept but an actual serious social problem
whose family is the most important cell.
We have been proudly selecting and supporting the great effort of “Smile of the Child” through the “Child Support
and Family Support Centers” at 11 food gathering and distribution centers throughout Greece.
Support Centers function as item banks and offer their support services to a large number of families.
Our offer focuses on donating both food and non-alcoholic beverages and organizing the club's logistics.
Our society needs us and we are here at every opportunity to support our fellow humans.


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